Fed Novikov

I specialize in product and creative direction for real estate development. I lead innovative real estate products that push the boundaries of traditional development. For example, I helped Airbnb launch its R&D foray into homebuilding called Backyard. I defined a standardized low-rise multifamily product at Apt eligible by-right for thousands of parcels in Los Angeles. Right now, I'm helping The Neutral Project launch a new sustainable multifamily product line.

My passion lies in designing exceptional buildings and digital environments that inspire and bring a sense of tranquility to those who inhabit them. I believe in striking a harmonious balance between innovative business models, cutting-edge technologies, and financially sustainable implementation.Throughout my career, I have taken on various roles, including founding my own companies, leading corporate teams, and serving as an individual contributor. I adapt my approach based on the unique requirements of each project.

You can learn more in my blog on product and creative direction in real estate development.

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Airbnb Samara
EV hospitality concept
Brooklyn, NY